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About .Bun

I'd been wanting to make a little website from scratch to teach myself about raw components of the web. I wanted more than static HTML, so I figured I'd throw in some php as well. As for the domain name? ...this was a result of a fun train of thought. I was thinking about the slashdot name, and how is was chosen because of how it sounds when said out-loud (ach tee tee pee colon slash slash slash dot dot com), so I went looking around to see if any other fun "dot" domains were open.

The first one I found was dotbun.com. I just had to come up with something to put on it...

Since 'bun' is often used to refer to especially cute rabbits, I decided to grab some rabbit images and show them randomly.I added a static link creator and refresh button, and most recently added embedded mp4/webms. This is still a work in progress, so expect to see changes from time to time.

Some Nerd Stuff

When you load the main page, a JavaScript FETCH request is made to an AWS API Endpoint. This selects a random object from an S3 bucket and returns a CloudFront URL to it, which is then set as the src element of the main image on the page.

The static portions of the site (html/css/some SVGs) are hosted using AWS S3 Static Hosting. Everything is behind Amazon's global CDN for improved performance as well as cheaper costs (due to edge caching).

AWS Toplogy

To-Do List

Data Management

The website dotbun.com has no ads, and is not monitized. I use GoatCounter to keep track of basic stats, but these stats are completely anonymized and do not follow you off this site. To quote the developer of GoatCounter:
To give a real-world analogy: it just counts how many people are entering your shop through which door. What it doesn’t do is then follow those people after they’ve left your store to see which other stores they visit, snoop on as much personal details as possible, and create a profile based on that. That’s what tracking is, and is just not the same thing as what GoatCounter is doing.


If you see a piece of media that belongs to you, and you don't want it on this website, please copy the static link and send it to webmaster@dotbun.com. If you are a reddit user, you can also send me your username and I will blacklist it if you so desire. Please note that improving this process is something I'm actively working on.